UnCorked is unique in that our wines are all self-served and are dispensed via Wine OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMachines! We have 46 different wines to choose from, ranging in varietals from whites to reds with price points to fit everyone’s budget. Our Napa Technology machines allow for a taste (1 oz.), a half glass (2.5 oz.), and a full glass (5 oz.), making it great for sampling or partying with friends.

In order to use the wine dispensors, just ask your server for a tab card and they will pair it with your food order. If you are just looking for a single glass, we always have house wines behind the bar to choose from. If nothing appeals to you, our servers will be happy to get you a glass from the machine.

Bottles can be opened to drink in the café, if you are looking for a special wine for the evening. White wines to-go can be chilled at your convience in just five minutes with our wine chiller.

Any questions, call us at 919.847.1530